Something Old, Something New

Winter Coats 2019 Edition

Happy New Year guys!!! Here we are in 2019 together after almost 7 years of being friends via the blogosphere. This has been some journey. I remember back when I thought this blog would be predominantly about shoes, then it transitioned into “Something Old, Something New” and me showing all the thrifted items I would find. From traveling city to city checking out fashion week shows and interviewing fashionable guests and designers, to quitting my government job and moving to London to work for a fashion magazine. To now being an editorial stylist, entrepreneur and soon to be published author. God is awesome.

Recently I have been getting loads of inquiries about my coat collection. Here on the blog I rarely wore coats, but over on Instagram I oftentime post full outfits which include my coats. So I wanted to share the goods with you all.

The coats featured in this post are ones that I have acquired this winter season only. All are either thrifted or gifted.

Even in the wearing the same base outfit each coat ensues a different mood, and I think that’s why I focus on such a telling coat collection. You don’t have to work as hard on your outfit when your coat can easily tell the story for you, and besides your coat covers your outfit anyway.

Making a Statement in a Summer Staple

Hey guys, I'm back this week and I'm talking about a summer staple with a bit of a unique spin.  That summer wardrobe staple is none other than LINEN!!!


Linen is a lightweight fabric that undeniably coincides with summer months and it's volcanic temperatures.  Linen is designed to keep us cool.  It usually comes in classic styles and shapes and is a bit understated design wise.  You can also bet on linen items being in a more muted or neutral color palette such as whites, beige or khaki.


I found this beautiful bold, vertical striped grey and teal linen beauty at a Goodwill thrift store several years ago.  The dress really stood out because it was reminiscent of the old vintage house dresses my great grandma would wear.  I can literally see her stomping around the house going from room to room with the remote control or some other random object in those large front pockets of this dress.

outfit deets - dress: thrifted ( here )( here ); shoes: Forever 21 ( here )( here ); necklace: ( here )( here )

outfit deets - dress: thrifted (here)(here); shoes: Forever 21 (here)(here); necklace: (here)(here)

Aside from the nostalgia associated with this dress, I knew that that alone wouldn't be enough to justify this purchase.  My goal is always to imagine several ways to wear an item, but if it's thrifted or vintage, I have to create ways to modernize it.  Figure out how to make the something old, a something new.  Check out this dress worn on the blog a few years back (here).


I paired my linen dress with these chic little white mules that I recently scored at Forever 21.  Mules in any color or style are a go for me, but it's so funny because I haven't always had an affinity for them.  I actually hated them a few years ago, on the brink of their comeback.  Now onto my necklace.  I coveted it for months, and waited for it to go on sale, then finally I got it.  It's so cool, and such a conversation piece.


Seasonal Layering

Do you guys remember that one warm day we had a few weeks ago - well that was this particular day.  The weather was nice and divine, the trees were blooming and everything just seemed right in the world.  Since then Spring has gone on what seems like permanent Spring Break, but let's not dwell on that fact.  For now, we can either reminiscence on warmer days, or pray for more to come.

IMG_8426 copy.jpg

One of our photographers wanted to go shoot in a nearby park, and I was happy to oblige.  He's a fantastic photographer that shoots with a Canon (my preferred camera brand).  Canons agree with my melanin, so I knew that despite the bright sunlight and the random, deserted backdrop these pictures would be bomb.  

outfit details - shirt: ( here )( here ); joggers: ( here )( here ); booties: ( here )( here ); earrings: ( here )( here )

outfit details - shirt: (here)(here); joggers: (here)(here); booties: (here)(here); earrings: (here)(here)

My outfit is pretty relaxed.  I'm wearing some old black silk BCBG joggers, and a thrifted striped silk blouse layered over another striped shirt.  I figured I would flex my styling muscles a bit.  Spring is my favorite transitional season because it's perfect for layering. 

IMG_8419 copy.jpg
IMG_8374 copy.jpg

If you are interested in having any photographs taken this Spring/Summer season please contact the Leaf Center at