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Snapshots: Life's Great


Not really an accessory girl, but how can you resist these beautiful cateye green sunglasses.  They are super fun and trendy, and I figured I needed to get on board with what's in season.  Hope you love them just as much as I do. 


Switch Up

Hi Friends!!! I hope you all have been well, and of course it's my prayer that you got a few moments to do exactly what you wanted to do this week.  We actually got out and took a few pictures in a different part of the city.  I wanted to switch up my usual landscape for a more urban, cityscape, and I really loved the locations we scouted.


Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love being photographed out in nature, but I certainly appreciate a good switch up.  And speaking of switch up, I took a bit of a different approach to taking this outfit shot.


The way Something Old, Something New started was as a photo journal. I would simply use this platform as a way to document my daily outfits.  This was the way style blogging started for many bloggers.  However, for the more serious bloggers things aren't so sporadic.  Pretty much all content is pre-planned and scheduled out weeks in advance.  I tried my hand at this by emailing my photographer a day and time with a few details about how I wanted to shoot several outfits all at once.  These practices are key to being more consistent and organized; however, it is my belief that you lose a little bit of authenticity, and at the end of it all you are very tired.

outfit details - sweater ( here ) ( here ); cardigan ( here ) ( here ); skirt ( here ) ( here ); socks ( here ) ( here ); boots ( here ) ( here ); pouch ( here ) ( here )

outfit details - sweater (here) (here); cardigan (here) (here); skirt (here) (here); socks (here) (here); boots (here) (here); pouch (here) (here)

My best outfits are my unplanned ones.  The pieces that I pull based on how I feel are the ones that I look the best in.  The outfit tends to do the talking for me.  They express my exact mood and feelings, and that's important.  

Are you a person that likes to plan out outfits a week or two in advance??  Or are you sort of like me, an emotional dresser, and allows your clothing to speak to you.  Chime in below in the comments, let's talk about it.