Something Old, Something New

Capsule Wardrobe: Classics

A crisp white button down shirt, or any white top whether jumper or t-shirt is always preferable to me especially paired with skinny jeans.  I have been investing in to more luxury basics lately.  Pieces that will withstand time, as well as seasonal trends.  You know, basically items that will never go out of style.  My ultimate goal is to create a capsule wardrobe that will be able to easily travel with me all over the world. 


Living abroad forced me to pare down my wardrobe extensively, simple because there wasn't space available in my luggage to bring everything with me.  My capsule wardrobe wasn't out of choice, but more so a necessity.  I was forced to live with only my absolute favorite things.  In this series, I want to touch on how I managed to be fashionable off of a fraction of my wardrobe.  Up first, I am focusing on just two pointers in Capsule Wardrobe 101.

  1. Basics:  Start with the basics.  A mini collections of thin layering items that can be paired together or with more glam/borrowed pieces.  This items shouldn't be expensive, but they should be of pretty good quality.
  2. Neutrals:  Blacks, white, creams, denim, khaki.  Neutrals are key to a capsule wardrobe.  They are super easy to build upon, and they are simply harder to determine if they've been worn repeatedly.  Nothing about neutrals really stand out, and that's exactly what you want with a capsule wardrobe.
outfit details - shirt: The Limited ( here ); jeans: Forever 21 ( here ); shoes: H&M ( here ); earrings: H&M ( here ,  here )

outfit details - shirt: The Limited (here); jeans: Forever 21 (here); shoes: H&M (here); earrings: H&M (here, here)

Be sure to check back later in the week for more pointers on building a capsule wardrobe to live by.