Something Old, Something New

White Light Beam

...the girl that wore white again and again.  While most might resort to black as their go-to color for an easy look.  I tend to dabble at the opposite end of the color spectrum.  White, or shall I say beige is my favorite color.  I wear it so often that people who I'm not close with noticed that it's my favorite color. 

Wearing white, off-white or beige provides instant chicness...whether you decide to accessorize or not.  In this post, I paired my dress with a large gold embellished bib.  This bib is a something new item I got for Christmas.  My mom took a chance and actually bought me something this year for Christmas, instead of settling for a gift cards (which she still gave me 4. lol)  She did a great job, she pitted my style perfectly.

outfit details - dress: Target c/o Goodwill ( here ,  here ); shoes: LAMB c/o Saks On Fifth ( here ,  here ); bib: Versona Accessories ( here ,  here ); glasses: Warby Parker ( here )

outfit details - dress: Target c/o Goodwill (here, here); shoes: LAMB c/o Saks On Fifth (here, here); bib: Versona Accessories (here, here); glasses: Warby Parker (here)