Something Old, Something New

Winter Coats 2019 Edition

Happy New Year guys!!! Here we are in 2019 together after almost 7 years of being friends via the blogosphere. This has been some journey. I remember back when I thought this blog would be predominantly about shoes, then it transitioned into “Something Old, Something New” and me showing all the thrifted items I would find. From traveling city to city checking out fashion week shows and interviewing fashionable guests and designers, to quitting my government job and moving to London to work for a fashion magazine. To now being an editorial stylist, entrepreneur and soon to be published author. God is awesome.

Recently I have been getting loads of inquiries about my coat collection. Here on the blog I rarely wore coats, but over on Instagram I oftentime post full outfits which include my coats. So I wanted to share the goods with you all.

The coats featured in this post are ones that I have acquired this winter season only. All are either thrifted or gifted.

Even in the wearing the same base outfit each coat ensues a different mood, and I think that’s why I focus on such a telling coat collection. You don’t have to work as hard on your outfit when your coat can easily tell the story for you, and besides your coat covers your outfit anyway.

Dear Future Me

As it is the start of a new year, and although I don't have any real resolutions set, I am living in a season of expectancy.  I have been working really hard sowing seeds into myself and my businesses, and 2018 will be my year of reaping.  Sometimes I wish I could simply ask my future self a few questions about what's to come or how to maneuver, but honestly guys I know it will work out just fine.  


Oddly enough, we got really wintry weather here in Memphis a few days ago, and surprisingly the snow inspired me to want to go out and take outfit shots.  The cold temps had been keeping me inside over the last few months, but I couldn't resist getting out into the beautiful snow taking photos this weekend.


Instead of grabbing my own coat for these pictures, I decided to show off the coat that I've been basically living in the entire winter and of course it's one of my boyfriend's coat.  It's perfectly oversized, and I absolutely love it's shade of army green.  The funny thing is that the coat was gifted to him, but he hasn't worn it once.  It was dropped off, and I put it on never to take it off again.   Thanks babes.


The rest of my outfit is pretty basic, well no, the color of my trousers are actually awesome and tend to stand out in the crowd.  Rust (burnt orange) isn't Pantone's top shade of the year, and hasn't been for decades, but I think it's a wonderful color that designers should perhaps revisit.  These pants are my something old in this outfit.  I thrifted them years ago for a few dollars, and they have been in constant rotation ever since.  As you can see I paired my oversized, pleated pants with a fitted black turtleneck just to balance out the silhouette.

So now onto my something new.  Pictured below are a better shot of my amazing new snake skinned booties.  I scored them at Burlington Coat Factory for a mere $9.99.  Of course they were on sale, but oh my goodness, the quality at this price is unmatched.

outfit details - trousers: thrifted ( here ) & ( here ); turtleneck: H&M ( here ); coat: gifted ( here ) & ( here ); earrings: thrifted ( here ); headband: thrfited ( here ); boots: Burlington ( here )

outfit details - trousers: thrifted (here) & (here); turtleneck: H&M (here); coat: gifted (here) & (here); earrings: thrifted (here); headband: thrfited (here); boots: Burlington (here)


Have a wonderful week you guys, and remember that everything may not come together all at once, but by working hard each day you will make it happen, somehow.  Take good care.  See ya next time.