Something Old, Something New

Next UP....White Ankle Boots

As fashion month concludes and the whirlwind of non-stop runway shows, street style photos and 24/7 fashion content popping up all over our timelines settles; we can now start to digest what we've seen.  One particular item, that wasn't necessarily all over the runways, but more so worn by those fashion insiders attending the shows were white ankle boots.   


Honestly, I think the only thing white I've worn on my feet since I was about 6 was a trainer.  I can recall when I was younger wearing white dress shoes on special occasions such as Easter, but other than thanks.  However, after seeing these beauties paired so chicly with tights, skirts and denim dressed both up and down, I want in.  Basically white is a neutral and can be worn with practically anything. So yea, why not, but just to keep you guys from veering off the right/chic road, and down the treacherous lane of "looking country" please take heed to curated selects posted below.