Something Old, Something New

Introducing Demi Blvck

For some, talent just seems to fall out of the sky and right into their lap. As Demi Blvck’s creator Demetrius explains it, he’s a late bloomer in the world of fashion and design. He took to designing in his early twenties, and learned how to sew and construct luxury garments from the esteemed “Youtube University.” Self taught with an otherworldly imagination, I don’t think I’ve ever met a young designer with so much talent and ambition. He holds the winning cocktail for success, and his future is bright.


A few weeks ago, I dropped by the Demi Blvck Design studio for a sneak peak at the latest collection. I didn’t know what to expect, but my expectations were pretty high. Because you see, I’m pretty familiar with Demetrius and his work. After bumping into each other at a mutual friend’s wedding, he invited me by to check things out. Staying true to the ethos of his brand, there was a ton of bold eye catching color, mixed prints and textures. His designs are definitely not created for the modest. It’s a maximalist paradise. Imagine if Balmain and Versace had a lovechild - her name would be Demi.


Demetrius is calling Demi Blvck’s next collection “Chandelier’s Cry in Color”. The inspiration draws from the Japanese anime characters in the short stories he writes. He simply visualizes the characters in costumes, and creates them - no sketches or anything. Raw talent.


With only a few years under his belt as a designer, and having spent some time living outside Memphis, Dee, has made quite the buzz in the region’s fashion scene. Demi Black has been featured for the second year in a row on the runways of Memphis Fashion Week, Charlotte’s Fashion Excursion, and dressed WNBA’s LA Sparks baller Cathy Poindexter. His dream clients are those that are confident and aren’t afraid to take fashion risk; such as fashion killers: Rihanna and ASAP Rocky.


I asked what was to come for the brand, and Dee says he’s working to get his latest collection manufactured so that it can be made available to his clients. He wanted to also encourage the creatives here in his hometown Memphis to not wait, but to simply create.


Head over to the Demi Blvck website at for more in depth looks at the collections. Follow on IG @demiblvck

SOSNU Recents

Hey guys, I'm back and I'm really excited because in this blog post I will be featuring Something Old (a thrifted/pre-loved item), and Something New (an item purchased from regular retail store).  I feel like it's been a few months since I've had new pieces to share on the blog.  Honestly, I haven't been inspired to go out to the shops and buy things.  Nothing is really exciting or aspirational - like I am currently coveting nothing.  There have been times when I would literally have tons of items in my online shopping carts from several retailers.  I don't know what's happening in fashion anymore.  But I digress, I am really pumped about these buys.


Something Old - first up is this beautifully structured navy blue pinstriped double breasted blazer.  The width of shoulders with the shoulder pads literally make me beam from within.  I love to exaggerate my shoulders simple because the top portion of my body because it's my larger half.  By placing emphasis on the shoulders draws attention from my larger bustline, an area of my body that I am not fully comfortable with.  As a stylist, I understand that the ultimate goal in dressing is to create proportional balance especially with personal styling and everyday wear.  However, as an editorial stylist I have a knack for doing things differently, and creating looks that are a bit off.   It's the little details that make dressing up fun for me.  Oh I almost forgot to mention that I scored this beauty for pennies during a 50% off sale at my local Salvation Army.


Something New -  guys pan down to this rich, autumnal midi skirt.  There are so many elements of this skirt that I love.  The midi length is a huge plus. The black band at the waist is so flattering.  The lace detail and the trimming at the hem is spot on trend, and lastly the rich burgundy color.  This skirt is the perfect seasonal addition to any wardrobe.

outfit details - blazer ( here ) and sweater ( here ): thrifted; skirt ( here ), socks ( here ) and boots ( here ): H&M; earrings: H&M ( here )

outfit details - blazer (here) and sweater (here): thrifted; skirt (here), socks (here) and boots (here): H&M; earrings: H&M (here)