Something Old, Something New

Sourcing in Something Old

Hey guys, I have been shopping almost non-stop as of late for my very first editorial shoot, and although it has been a lot of fun, it is also very tiring...hence my face in some of the pictures.


Believe it or not but, it was incredibly hot in London over the weekend.  However, I still don't trust the weather here, so I wanted to dress nice and cool, but just in case the temps started to drop I wanted to be able to cover myself.  I picked up this maxi dress some time ago at a Goodwill for a few bucks.  Usually, I wear it belted at the waist for a dressy look, but this particular day I just wanted to wear it loose because I felt it looked best with the sneakers.   And this comfy look with the sneakers were a must for running around London, and going in and out of the shops down on Oxford Street.

outfit deets - dress: thrifted c/o Goodwill ( here ,  here ); shoes: Aldo ( here ,  here ); backpack: ( here ,  here ); necklace: ( here ,  here )

outfit deets - dress: thrifted c/o Goodwill (here, here); shoes: Aldo (here, here); backpack: (here, here); necklace: (here, here)