Something Old, Something New

When It's Cold Outside

Last week the temperatures dropped down into the low 40s, and we Memphians nearly froze to death.  Fortunately for me I got the chance to wear my "chicago dress". 


This dress was given to me by my best friend during a visit to Chicago (in May), and it literally snowed and sleeted the entire weekend I was there.  Of course I hadn't packed clothing for such frigid temps, but thankfully Ash has a tons of cute, warm clothes that I can fit into.  This dress is probably the single warmest item of clothing that I own...besides a coat.  It's a completely ribbed cable knit maxi, with a chunky cowl neck.

outfit deets - maxi dress: gifted c/o H&M ( here ) ; shoes: Aldo ( here ) ; blazer: Banana Republic ( here ) ; necklace: thrifted c/o Goodwill ( here )

outfit deets - maxi dress: gifted c/o H&M (here) ; shoes: Aldo (here) ; blazer: Banana Republic (here) ; necklace: thrifted c/o Goodwill (here)