Something Old, Something New

Wacky Holiday Outfit

Tis the season guys, so I am back with another outfit post.  However, this post serves a different purpose meaning that it's not meant to be so cute.  This is an outfit that I would wear if I were invited to a holiday party that I didn't want to go to.  It's sort of meant to shame the person that's making me tag along. hahaha. Have a looksie, and tell me what you think of the outfit.


Looking back on these pictures, I actually like this outfit alot.  Maybe minus the oversized sweatshirt, but still a great look.  Those tights are so festive and cute, and my black brogues are second to none in my wardrobe.  I scored the tangerine rollneck at my local Salvation Army on 50% off day, and I have been wearing it non-stop every since.  The satin skirt is an oldie, but goodie from The Gap.

outfit deets - rollneck: vintage c/o Salvation Army ( here ); sweatshirt: H&M ( here ); skirt: Gap ( here ); shoes: Zara ( here ); tights: gifted ( here ); earrings: gift ( here )

outfit deets - rollneck: vintage c/o Salvation Army (here); sweatshirt: H&M (here); skirt: Gap (here); shoes: Zara (here); tights: gifted (here); earrings: gift (here)