Something Old, Something New

Campaign Trail Obama - Hernado, MS

This post has been a long time coming guys, and here we are.  Thanks for popping back around to see if I've kept my promise of revving up the content...I do what I can. 


My photographer and I decided to venture outside of the city a few miles south to Hernando to have lunch, and perhaps get a few outfit shots.  Smaller towns have so much character and little hidden gems that tend to get overlooked when we are just driving through them to get to our destinations.  Hernando has the absolute cutest little city center, and during the summer months they have the best farmer's market right on the lawns of their city hall.  However, on this particular day we used this little northern Mississippi town as my backdrop. 


Now let's get into my outfit - I call this my Obama campaign look.  The linen shirt with the rolled sleeve is reminiscent of a relaxed businessman.  I actually recall seeing photos of Obama with a similar style shirt looking very relaxed during his campaigning or "off-duty" moments.  My current day to day personal style is very relaxed with a dash of conservatism.  However, I challenge myself to try out trends, and really see what's new on the high street.  This lead me to pick up this cute little flirty gingham skirt, and my sandals.  The skirt was purchased during the H&M sales last year, and I bought the sandals a few weeks ago from F21. 

outfit details:  shirt: H&M ( here )( here ); skirt: H&M ( here )( here ); sandals: F21 ( here )( here ); earrings: gifted ( here )( here )

outfit details:  shirt: H&M (here)(here); skirt: H&M (here)(here); sandals: F21 (here)(here); earrings: gifted (here)(here)

The story behind the sandals is that I actually saw another influencer on Instagram sporting these awesomely chic shoes.  When I double tapped the picture, and saw that Forever 21 had been tagged I figured she had made some sort of mistake.  So I messaged her to inquire, and to my delight these sandals were indeed F21, and priced at about $30.  This deal was especially sweet because they are such a close replica to the Celine SS16 ring toe lace up sandals.

Photography by  ControlFreeConcept

Photography by ControlFreeConcept