Something Old, Something New

Just Keep Adding Layers

Hey guys in this post, I am showing you all how to just add a few layers to make the most of a look.  Here in Memphis, this winter has been particularly milder than most, so I haven't had to worry with wearing a heavy coat. Chunky knitwear, blazers and jackets have been my essentials.

Outfit details - turtleneck: vintage thrifted ( here ); denim jacket: Gap ( here ); chunky cardigan: H&M ( here ); jeans: Banana Republic ( here ); shoes: Aldo ( here )

Outfit details - turtleneck: vintage thrifted (here); denim jacket: Gap (here); chunky cardigan: H&M (here); jeans: Banana Republic (here); shoes: Aldo (here)

In this look, my first layer is a sleeveless turtleneck.  Sleeveless is always a viable option for starters because it helps to alleviate bulkiness that may occur from adding the layers.  Next I added, a thin denim jacket.  Again, going with a thinner jacket option will help with the final aesthetic of the look.  Everything will look seamless and effortless, and not forced or bulky.

Lastly, I topped everything off with a super chunky knit cardigan.  The cardigan is absolutely perfect for cozying up, and making a statement.