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Copenhagen Fashion Week SS20 Wrap Up

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If Henrik Vibskov isn’t a name that you’ve heard before, I would encourage you to research not only his designs but delve deep into everything that he has contributed to the Arts over the last couple of decades. This fashion collection is maybe his 30th, it’s inspiration is centered around wind and the many complexities of that particular element. With that theme at the helm of the collection it’s translated through light and breezy silhouettes and billowing aerodynamic spaces which are a vast contrast from the heavy knits and use of layering that’s displayed in previous collections.


By Marlene Birger


Known for their beautiful classics and timeless silhouettes, By Marlene Birger, always seems to deliver exactly what’s missing from your wardrobe. Although I am a minimalist at heart, I love a statement piece or dash of fun prints here and there. This collection is so very cool and relaxed. It’s a favorite so far this season. I also love the idea of luxe and casual dressing. Before now, I never thought to pair a basket weaved baseball hat with a sequin dress or anything for that matter, but now I am experiencing an extreme case of fomo.

Cecilie Bahnsen

Cecilie Bahnsen’s entire brand is one big Spring/Summer collection rolled up into one…at least in my opinion. Actually that’s not a bad thing. The old saying is “if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. And besides, It’s good to have brand identity, right? Cecilie produces some of the most beautiful and dream-like dresses imaginable, each with amazing details which are nothing short of couture. I also appreciated the new elements introduced in this collection. Who doesn’t love tailored suiting, feathers, and volumious silk organza; oh yes, and we got sprinkles of yellow and pink on the runway as well this season. I would say this collections was a 10/10. It checked all of my boxes for sure.


We all know the Ganni girl, she’s internationally recognized now thanks to the creative directors of this beloved Danish brand. This collection fully encapsulates the Ganni girl, and she is just as cool as she’s always been, but now a bit more refined…grown up. We see loads of texture and print mixing, splashes of pastels, major inspo from the 70s, as well as nods to the super cool and relaxed 90s. I would go as far as calling the collections dreamy and super girly with a bit of edge. And of course we love the sustainability elements of the collections. Designers re-visted their archives and pulled pieces to re-work, as a way of making the old, new again. I also read that the brand implemented physical and digital pop-up kiosks during fashion week in an effect to make the collections readily accessible to customers for purchase.


If you could imagine an intersection of sophistication and playfulness, then Baum und Pferdgarten is the place. Honestly, I have never seen such a juxtaposition of ideas that were so cohesive at the same time. After scouring photos of the collection I felt a sense of delight, optimism even. To see tulle tops and dresses layered over tailored suiting and clean lines, topped off with a pastel tulle buckle hat is quite a lot to digest; however, it couldn’t be more satisfying. I loved every piece shown in this collection. It was actually quite difficult to select my favorites for my collage. Kudos to the designers for evoking such excitement for their customers with truly unique pieces and styling. The collection is perfectly simply, yet very complex all at the same time. Maybe I should consider sporting a pair of printed biker shorts with dad sneakers, and a beautifully structured tailored suit vest.



Rodebjer is yet another designer that I hadn’t had the privilege of ever viewing a collection from. However, I was absolutely impressed by the level of craftmanship that went into each design. Initially, I am drawn to the neutral color palette, then there’s the layering of separates. There is also a great sense of comfortability present in each look. How the dresses seem to lay effortlessly on the body, and the flowiness of the trousers and blouses are so very flattering on all body types. The collection is for the woman looking to tap into her feminine energy.


Inspired by Mexican-American singer, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, this Saks Potts collection is titled “Latina Gala.” Ruffled crop tops, bedazzled bralettes and colorful cowboy boots were sheer giveaways. Seeing photos of the details on the accessories that models donned as they paraded down the runway caused me to really reminisce of the 90s. Aesthetically every look was lighthearted and playful, evoking great nostalgia. Although I can’t say that this brand has stood out to me in the past; looks from this season’s show were all over Instagram. The right people were in attendance at this show, creating mega buzz for this collection.

stine goya.jpg

Stine Goya does a wonderful job of story-telling. Each one of kind design is jam-packed with visual simulation and underlying interpretation. This season the runway looks were amazing; however, the important work happened beyond the clothing on the runway. Goya didn’t call up an agency and cast typical models that usually take the runways during fashion week. She brought her inspiration of LGBTQ ballroom culture from the 80s to life by demanding inclusivity on the runway. Both men and women, in all shapes, sizes and races sashayed down the runway donning large graphic polka dots, bows, ruffles and bright floral prints.


Copenhagen kicked off fashion month with a bang. I thoroughly enjoyed the shows so far. I can’t wait to see what the other fashion capitals have in store for us. Be sure to stay on the look out for my fashion week recaps right here on Something Old, Something New

Copenhagen Fashion Week AW 2019

I don’t really do fashion week recaps because that can become quite overwhelming, plus that’s not what we’re doing over here on SOSNU. However, Copenhagen is my favorite city that I have yet to visit, and I loveeeee the fun and quirky designs that the Danes produce. So each season I highlight my favorite designers and take a closer look at their collections. I have been working really hard to create my “reason why” and to be invited to the shows in the Fall. Wish me luck. Hopefully in September I am reporting fashion highlights live from Denmark’s capital city.

bup collage.png

Baum und Pferdgarten is one of Copenhagen’s most popular fashion brands, and that’s not very surprising that it has lasted 20 years. The Baum und Pfer girl is the carefree, effortlessly cool girl around town…quite relatable wouldn’t you say? However, this season their collection wasn’t one of my favorites. Yes there was beautiful furs and outerwear in nice prints, and I loved the layering techniques and usage of accessories. However, I didn’t see the collection as being very cohesive. It was very hard for me to identify parallel themes and inspirations from piece to piece. I had to do a bit of digging to get narrative of what the designers were specifically inspired by.


The byline for the Stine Goya collection this season should have been, “for the carefree woman that loves to let loose”. The designer used her platform to shine an even brighter light on sustainability by using upcycled fabrics and vibrant embellishments, even going as far as using digitally crafted prints to create this season. Despite not having an ordinary RTW runway show, I thought it was really cool how dancers gave a beautiful dance performance wearing glamorous, eco-friendly costumes.


Ganni is a brand we all know and love, but is it a brand that we all identify with? With this collection the designers wanted to show a collection that presented a different perception of the beautiful blonde Ganni girl. All grown up that girl is now a sophisticated woman. Inspired by photos of deserts, cityscapes, fields and wilderness the name of this collection is “Life on Earth”, the new Ganni woman is a nomadic wanderer. I could easily see myself and my group of friends wearing these pieces. The trench coats, full length puffers, silks, rich colors and abstract prints scored mega points with me, not to mention the brand is taking awareness of their carbon footprint through sustainable practices hit high notes in my book.


Although this collection may appear to be aesthetically similar to collections in the past, Cecilie Bahnsen actually had intentions to introduce more mystery and darkness for AW 2019. The color palette veered from the whimsical white baby doll dresses and sandals to white and black baby doll dresses styled with combat boots?!?! No, but in the designers defense the variances are settle, but present.


This collection literally screamed refinement, luxe and effortless sophistication. The By Marlene Birger woman is who I aspire to be when I grow up. She has it all - the career, the family and the beautiful wardrobe. Although the designer didn’t shy away from the use of color and prints, it was done in a subtle and almost minimalist way.

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19 - Cecilie Bahnsen Recap

Copenhagen kicks off the fashion calendar, and boy does it set the tone for the upcoming season.  The brand that I'm highlighting in this post is Cecilie Bahnsen.  She has only been an established luxury brand for a few years but her feminine sihouletes and those beautiful baby doll dresses are leaving a sure mark on the Danes and the rest of the world alike.

cecilie b - cphfw.jpg

Although the sandals are a bit of a contrast, personally I like them.  The pearls and diamonds along the strips add a complementary touch.  I also noted that the designer opted not to feature black in this collection, but instead expanded the designs with simple and cute two pieces.