Something Old, Something New

Vintage Inspired Dress ft. Charming Charlie

Hey guys, I'm BACKKKK!!!  Sorry if you guys have been feeling a bit deserted by my absence.  I am still here blogging, and styling up outfits with hints of vintage flair.  However, I have been concentrating a lot more on professional styling, and building my online store.

When I first started this blog it was my outlet.  I wanted to tap into my love for fashion, and create a style diary of sorts.  I had begun to challenge myself with style.  I recall attempting to not repeat outfits for an entire year, and I was actually able to do it.  So then I thought maybe I should document this.  Thus was the birth of my personal style blog. 

Fast forward to now, after blogging on and off for nearly 5 years, quitting my legal job and moving to London, I can proudly say that I have a career in fashion, butunfortunately sometimes work doesn't allow me to blog as much.  **priorities man**  However, I promise to work harder to be more visible on this platform.  You guys are my friends, and I love that even when I go on a hiatus, I can always comeback and you all are right here.  

outfit details - dress: Charming Charlie ( here ); shoes: Converse ( here )

outfit details - dress: Charming Charlie (here); shoes: Converse (here)

I would like to lastly invite all of you to check out my shops on Depop and Poshmark