Something Old, Something New

Safe Places in Leather

Guys, I had the most insane thought a few moments ago...I actually considered starting a new blog anonymously .  For some strange reason I felt reservations about being completely transparent on this platform.  Honestly, I felt an inkling of fear about being myself and sharing here on my very own blog, but why?? Especially since I've been blogging for 5 years.


If you know me personally then you know that I am incredibly accommodating, so in my mind, I thought that maybe since this is a fashion and style blog that you guys wouldn't be interested in hearing a rant or talk about my personal development.  Over time, as I've gotten older, I have done quite a bit of psychological work to become this strong mind individual.  And although, I may seem detached and rather reserved when interacting with others, I am very in tuned with myself.  Please let me know if you would be interested in more personal content, along with outfit posts.  I want this blog to be a safe place for all of us to share our amazing style, as well as personal testaments.  Overtime, I learned that on the surface we may seem different, but we are all really similar and share many of the same struggles.  Here's to knowing a little bit more about the sharply dressed young lady in all of these photos. 


Outfit time:::  I'm sporting one of my favorite vintage blouses.  I just love the elegance that the pussy-tie bow gives.  This blouse is also 100% silk, and feels absolutely amazing on my skin.  I know I thrifted it years ago, but I can't recall from where.  I do, however, know exactly where this awesome pink leather skirt is from.  I bought this beauty in the Zara sale many years ago.  I would like to add that you may never know the many outfit options a pink leather skirt can provide until you own one.  The possibilities are endless guys.  I vote pink as a new neutral.

details - blouse: ( here )( here ); skirt: ( here )( here ); tights: ( here )( here ); shoes: ( here )( here ); earrings: ( here )( here )

details - blouse: (here)(here); skirt: (here)(here); tights: (here)(here); shoes: (here)(here); earrings: (here)(here)


Party with a Purpose

Hey guys, so happy to be back on the blog posting an actual outfit.  I enjoy my other types of post, but I know a lot my readers love to see quirky and fun ways I curate outfits.  So babes I am here to deliver ;)  However, if you know me then you know I hate to waste a good look, and there has to be a reason to get me dressed up and in makeup.   This past weekend was one of those rare occasions.  I was invited to a friend's graduation reception, and it was lovely but there will be more about her later.


So about a year ago one of my fashion tutors told me that my sense of style would change drastically as soon as it was no longer dependent upon my previous career.  I didn't believe her at first, but now I am a believer.  My style is so casual and relaxed now with just the tiniest bit of "extra-ness"...(things use to get really over the top and glam back in the day).  But I truly believe that this change is solely based on my lifestyle, and new career choice.   Business casual is in the dim lit past, and boy am I grateful.  There is just never a reason for me to be in a suit, shift dress or a moderate height heel....LIFE IS GOOD.

outfit deets - shirt: H&M ( here ,  here ); earrings: H&M ( here ,  here ); trousers: Mossimo via Target ( here ,  here ); shoes: Stan Smith Adidas ( here )  ; tote bag: Boy by Boy ( here )

outfit deets - shirt: H&M (here, here); earrings: H&M (here, here); trousers: Mossimo via Target (here, here); shoes: Stan Smith Adidas (here)  ; tote bag: Boy by Boy (here)

So heading to this event, which started earlier in the afternoon, I definitely didn't want to do too much outfit wise.  Ultimately, I am wearing a pair of tuxedo inspired chinos and a t-shirt, but a fancy t-shirt.  I considered wearing a high heel sandal, but opted to slip on my Stans because Stans are life. lol.  Comfort is key, always.


The event was a reception welcoming my friend Kris Keys back home, as well as an opportunity for all of her family and friends to offer congratulations for her graduating from the London College of Fashion.  She is a very talented watercolor illustrator, and fashion designer.  Or you can just say she's one of the most talented and humble humans ever.  I encourage you all to head over to her website and check out her designs, as well as portraits at


Monochrome Moment Mixing Prints and Patterns

Hey guys, I am here with my second post of this new year, and because you guys are so near and dear I wanted to make sure that you were aware of an organization and brand that's stellar. 

In this post, I am wearing a beautiful geometric patterned Tahari dress that I scoured during a sale at my local Dress for Success office.   I stopped by to make a donation, and to my surprise they were selling a few items, in an effort to raise money for clothing to accomendatewomen needing larger sizes.  I also brought this vintage pair of authentic Prada mules for a steal.  All of the pricing was more than reasonable.   The shoes had never been worn, and neither had the dress.  The striped shirt that I paired with my amazing dress is an oldie from Zara.  I love wearing black and white, and thought it would be a very interesting look if I mixed the prints and patterns.

I am also donning a beautiful pair of Berkshire hosiery, yes the Berkshire that our mom's love.  The brand has been around for over 100 years as the finest made, best fitting, and most fashion forward hosiery on the market.  Perfect for work, play, dress-up, bridal, daytime, evenings, weekends or holidays, the 2016-2017 Berkshire Collection features hundreds of individual looks that are available in regular, curvy and maternity options.  Visit them online at

outfit details - shirt: Zara ( here ); dress: Tahari c/o Dress for Success ( here) ; shoes: Prada c/o Dress for Success ( here ); hosiery: c/o Berkshire ( here )

outfit details - shirt: Zara (here); dress: Tahari c/o Dress for Success (here); shoes: Prada c/o Dress for Success (here); hosiery: c/o Berkshire (here)