Something Old, Something New

Winter is Coming

Hey guys I am back, and with a super cheesy Game of Thrones reference as my title.  Not to deter too much from the reason we are all here (fashion talk), but guys I tried so hard to jump on the GOT bandwagon.  I watched an entire season and a half, and nothing...just meh.  I wasn't moved in the slightest.  The show, the costumes, the pretty decent storylines, the british accents, the sex scenes, the beautiful landscapes, nothing could make me care enough to dedicated my life to watching 7 seasons of it. Hey but I digress. We are here because it's cooling off outside, and it's time to break out those autumnal pieces. 

I took inspiration right from the runway for this assignment.  I was on the prowl for simple solutions to transition into fall. 

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It's really easy to stay warm on those crisp mornings by simply adding socks or tights to our existing outfits.  The models took to the runway in tiny dresses, floral prints and separates, but made items A/W ready by adding socks or tights as accessories.   I would recommend purchasing brightly colored opaque tights, but opting for thinner, transparent socks (easier to wear with sandals).

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When the temps start to drop layering is an obvious idea.  Fall is the perfect transitional season for layering because technically you can still wear you same summer pieces, and simply start to incorporate super soft jumpers/shirts both underneath and over dresses; add tights underneath skirts, dresses and jeans; and lastly pop dusters, vest, cardigans and jackets over outfits.


For those of us that are always looking to amp up the personal styling, adding an oversized glove or two, in a bright color is a definite way achieve this style goal.  Although there were a few looks that went down the runways with practical (normal) gloves, and if I'm honest they were total snoozes.  I was absolutely drawn to the bright green and red options above, and the supersized globes that Victoria Beckham sent down the runway.  So guys, I suggest you wear a lovely knee length dress, and top it off with an amazing pair of gloves...or a single.


Add a touch of menswear, or as my heading says, "Borrow From the Boys" to transition into autumn.  An oversized blazer, a pair of soft leather brogues, and trouser socks are key pieces that easily blur gender wardrobe lines and because menswear is heavier it'll keep you warmer.  I am also a big fan of the double denim look that model wore down the runway for Calvin Klein.  Denim is gender neutral, but this particular straight leg cut with the denim jacket tucked into the bottom looks very masculine.

CPHFW - Baum and Pfergarten

Hey guys I'm ending SS18 Copenhagen Fashion Week recaps with a big bang.  This collection was very amusing.  Lots of playful layering, fun styling and bright colors. 

Baum and Pfergarten.jpg

Despite all of the fun on the metallic runway, there was a flair of sophistication.  Clean lines, ribbed jumpers, and tailored suits were mixed with denim, t-shirts and athletic gear.  A beautiful checkered trench coat with matching shoulder bag made an appearance, and I will dream about it until I find the perfect dupe.  I managed to gather a bunch of style inspiration from this show.  The brand introduced ways to add trendy accessories (brightly colored socks) with a nice dress and heels to create a more interesting look. All in all I saw a lot of pieces that can help anyone develop their personal style.  This collection will definitely be one that I bookmark for future reference.