Something Old, Something New

Ruffles - Gingham Edition

Basics have become my place of comfort in my wardrobe as of late.  However, my personality always manages to shine through.  Here is my take on basics with a fun flair displaying ruffle details in the mini skirt, and the pop of color on my lip and bag.


I managed to score this skirt during H&M summer sale.  I got it discounted for only about $10.00.  Talk about excitement.  I have always been such a fan of gingham print, but after trying on several styles in tops I found that it didn't suit me.  However, I couldn't resist this little cute skirt.  One thing I wanted to point out about the skirt is that I went up a few sizes because I needed a bit more length.  I urge you guys to not be set on wearing a certain size in clothing.  I tried the skirt on in size 2 (my normal size); however, I couldn't bring myself to wear a micro mini.  The skirt in my actual size didn't look age appropriate, nor was I comfortable.  So the shop assistant gladly brought me in larger sizes, and I was much happier with skirt and how it looked on me.


Statement Handbag

Statement Color

Not So Basic

Hey guys, I want to introduce you all to this amazing nineties print jumpsuit that I scored while visiting my bestfriend in Texas.  She has fabulous clothing just laying around, and whenever I'm around I definitely reap the benefits. 

Since it's starting to warm up, I wanted to get out and take loads of pictures in fun outfits to inspire you guys. So before I started with the fun outfits, I wanted to do a post on a few basics that I recently bought.  Sounds good, right??  Nope.  None of my basics worked together.  I had a fantastic pair of patchwork jeans, a crisp white button down shirt, and my brand new pair of Stans all perfectly paired, but I couldn't get the items to work together in an outfit.  My photographer helped me come to the conclusion that maybe basics don't suit me.  So that's when I went and grabbed this cute little jumpsuit, and opted to pair it with a basic. 

Breaking Down Basics

  1.  Instead of attempting to wear all of your basics together, opt to pair them with seasonal prints and colors.
  2.  Understand that all basics just might not suit you, so don't force it.
  3.  Basics aren't always black, white, or neutrals - they are your go-to or statement pieces.
outfit details - jumpsuit: vintage thrifted ( here ) ( here ); shoes: Adidas ( here ) ( here ); earrings: H&M ( here )

outfit details - jumpsuit: vintage thrifted (here) (here); shoes: Adidas (here) (here); earrings: H&M (here)