Something Old, Something New

Swedish Fashion Council Cancels Fashion Week in Stockholm


Could Sweden’s fashion council be forecasting what’s to come in other major fashion capitals by cancelling Stockholm’s SS20 fashion week?

As we embark upon fashion month and all of it’s excitement, we must recognize that one of the renowned fashion city’s will not be participating this season. Although I have yet to visit Stockholm, it’s on my buckle list of places to live and work, and especially experience the energy that comes with rushing from show to show during fashion week.

Last month after the Swedish Fashion Council initially released a statement that Stockholm’s Fashion Week event would be stepping away from it’s traditional format, organizers later announced that they had decided to forego the event indefinitely.

Reasons given for the cancellations focus on working to create more sustainability and to develop alternative practices; as well as provide better opportunities and support for the local fashion talent. Personally I think this idea is wonderful, and it’s a great way to stand up for what you believe and actually practice what your preach. Sadly, sustainability has become on of those buzzwords that so many “conscious” people use nowadays. Although we don’t quite know exactly what the Swedish Fashion Council will do in place of hosting large expensive stage shows for designers, I do believe that they are making strides in the right direction. Jennie Rosen, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council said, “By doing this we can adapt to new demands, reach sustainability goals and be able to set new standards for fashion.” She also goes on to say that with Sweden’s extensively growing fashion industry that it’s crucial to support designers and brands of the next generation.

Does fashion week do more harm than good?

…especially for smaller brands. Yes there are runway presentations, and loads of people (buyers, editors, influencers, etc.) there to witness the shows but if you are a very small brand who can’t afford to produce those extravagant items, then what’s the point? I think that’s what the Swedish Fashion Council is looking to change. Many larger brands and designers have already started to merge their runways show into see now, buy now strategy offering consumers instant access to purchase pieces.

Although the Swedish Fashion Council hasn’t revealed its new strategy for Fashion Week in Stockholm just yet, they have created a few initiatives such as: Fashion Talent incubator for emerging designers that focuses on promoting overall brand sustainability aiding with business, trademarking and consultancy; and the Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter which is a new policy that forces accountability among fashion industry leaders to ensure shared values and guidelines on body ideals, diversity and issues of social responsibility.

Overall I am very excited to see what’s to come from this fashion week revamp. Yes I’m sure many fashion aficinados are disappointed that there will not be SS20 runway shows this season; however, designers are still having presentations through showroom appointments and their social media accounts to engage and interact with fans. Also we can all look to the other Scandinavian capitals, Oslo and Copenhagen, for our fashion fix.