Something Old, Something New

NOLA Thrift Store Find


Hey guys.  Guess who's back within a week's time - ME!!! 

Earlier this month, my younger cousin and I took an extended weekend trip down to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival.  This time, we actually made time to explore the city a bit more than we have on past visits to the city.  We woke up earlier, and walked around our neighborhood (the Garden District, along Carrollton St.) had coffee and a bit of brunch at local eateries, rode the streetcar down to the French Quarter, and visited local thrift and consignment stores.  New Orleans is such a charming city.  Charming in code word for spooky


I found this beautiful blouse at a thrift store called Blooming Deals, a local non profit organized by the Junior League New Orleans.  It was priced at only $7.00.  It had to come home with me.  

outfit details - shirt: thrifted ( here ); shorts: Anthropologie ( here ); shoes: H&M ( here ); purse: Gucci ( here )

outfit details - shirt: thrifted (here); shorts: Anthropologie (here); shoes: H&M (here); purse: Gucci (here)