Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something Older featuring vintage blouse and Girbauds

Hiya!!! Back to feature this beautiful vintage embellished blouse.  Lucky for me at this point, all of my family, extended family and friends know I am the thrift/vintage fashion girl, so whenever someone comes across something remotely vintage looking they grab it for me.  I actually received this beauty a few weeks ago from my cousin's mother in law...random right?? 


Initially I wanted to only take pictures of the blouse to post on my shop page, but when my boyfriend brought in an authentic pair of Girbauds (that he wore during high school), I couldn't resist.  I had to try them on at that moment, and when I looked down at my outfit, the contrast of everything just kind of worked.  So this post could actually be called Something Old, Something Older.  


outfit details -  shirt: vintage (here); jeans: Girbauds (here)