Something Old, Something New

Port Work - Artist Styling

I know you guys have heard the story of my fashion career journey a million times, so I won't bore you here with specifics.  However, in this blog post I want to highlight one aspect of my job - Artist Styling. 

A few weeks ago I had the great privilege of working with an artist as she prepared for a special performance at an outdoor music and art festival.  My brief was to simply source a unique headpiece for her performance (have a look at the picture below, and please leave a comment telling me how you think I did).  I was really grateful for the opportunity to get my feet wet in this realm of styling here in Memphis because although I've styled artists for  video shoots and magazine shoots abroad, this was my first time as a professional styling an artist for a performance.


If I may be honest, I really wouldn't say personal styling is my preference or strongest suite.  With styling people in their everyday lives, outfits have to be practical.  On the other hand, with something like styling an artist for a stage performance, I get to be more extravagant.  And that's one of the biggest differences between personal styling and editorial styling.  Personal styling is usually more practical, and for an actual everyday people.  Editorial is all about fantasy, and playing dress up with a model.  In my opinion the editorial side of things is a bit more fun.  However several of my personal stylist friends absolutely love connecting with real people, and helping to build their self confidence by helping them to look a bit more stylish.

Lastly, I want to thank Misti Rae of the Misti Rae Band for entrusting me with this task.  I encourage you guys to please check out their music.