Something Old, Something New

Curating the Red Carpet - SAG Awards 2015

Awards night is always fun for stylist and fans of fashion, but especially for the stylists of the world.  Our minds think, "ok that's what the Hollywood scarlet wore... but would we have dressed them any differently if the opportunity to dress them presented itself?"  It is a goal of mine to dress stars for the red carpet, so I look at red carpets pictures a little more purposefully than others. 

However in the post I wanted to compile my SAG Awards best and worst dressed, as well as a few honorable mentions.  Starting off with my Best Dressed picks.

Sadly, I didn't have much difficult picking Worst Dressed candidates.  I really wasn't a fan of the dark, heavy fabrics this year.  I noticed a lot of suedes, leathers and gem tones that weren't flattering at all.

...And because I'm such a fan of the show I had to spotlight a few of the OITNB cast members as honorable mentions.   Some of their looks were hits and misses for me, but I didn't just want to throw them on my Worst Looks list.