Something Old, Something New

Shop Around with H&

One of my favorite retailers has finally launched it's highly anticipated e-store!!! H&M has been my go-to store for quite some time now, with prices set in the mid to low range, it's perfect for a girl on a budget like me.  Unfortunately there isn't one in Memphis so I don't go as much as I did when I lived out of state, well that's until NOW.   I have chosen a few pieces that I am coveting right now from the selections online, and hopefully I will be purchasing them soon to add to my wardrobe.

                             beaded collar , $79.00 (purchase  here )

                             beaded collar, $79.00 (purchase here)

               knit top , $49.95 (purchase  here ) 

               knit top, $49.95 (purchase here

           silk top , $59.95 (purchase  here )

           silk top, $59.95 (purchase here)

                               velvet belt,  $49.95 (purchase  here ) 

                               velvet belt, $49.95 (purchase here

                               chiffon dress , $69.95 (purchase  here )

                               chiffon dress, $69.95 (purchase here)

Now that I've shared, what are some unique pieces that you have come across online or in store that you hope to add to your fall/winter wardrobe???