Something Old, Something New

Tookie Does Tartan

I had the honor of going and covering Memphis Fashion Weekend.  I was only able to attend Saturday night, and this is what I wore...The day of the event I found this dress in a big bag of old clothes given to me by the older cousin.  I thought the dress would be perfect because it was comfy, and it was my Something Old.


I'm sure my cousin has had this dress since the late 1980s, but it was still in near perfect condition.  The fit was great, and I didn't need to do anything to it other than add gold accessories.  What do you think of the look??


And because I am a big dork I actually did research on the "tartan" that i'm wearing.  This pattern was first recorded in the Scotish Tartan Society/ Scottish Tartans Authority by the Wallace Clan in 1842.  It's also known as Wallace Red, and it's used by 3M on their Scotch tape.