Something Old, Something New

More Looks From Little Rock

Featured in this post are shots of the fashion from Little Rock Fashion Week
Alta-Cation: This line was all about the different textures.  I really enjoyed the cute, and unique pieces, and those rompers were to die for.
House of Blades:  "We are the Youth of the Nation" was the phrase that came to mind while watching the looks from this line.   The bright turquoise and hot pinks were so fun
Ivy Rose: What I enjoyed most about this line was the flowy fabric and the gypsy pants (featured below in the center).  The models were also adorned in very dramatic makeup that was a hit
Chavon Shree: I really enjoyed the looks in this line, but what I love the most was the hair of the models.  They wore pin-up styles to highlight alot of the military inspired looks that came down the runway.  In the first picture is none other than Ms. Chavon Shree herself.  She was so cute, and her dress was the bomb.
Hope E.: Some of my favorite looks were featured in this line.  Of course I loved the vintage and vintage inspired looks
Grafetti: Featured were the cutest set of models I have every seen.  Designed by a young lady, just for young people.  The kids were so cute and full of energy.  I loved seeing them strut their stuff down the runway in their camo
Kelvin Hayden: This designer is the go-to line for all fall must haves.  The colors were bold and vibrant, and the fabric was luscious, thick and warm.
Faye Leon: Formal wear with a flair.  I really enjoyed all of the dresses, and the hair that the models had were my favorite...up dos and high buns.

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