Something Old, Something New

Razzle Dazzle & Fringe

Hey guys, I recently spoke to a blogger babe of mine were she had to basically talk to me off a ledge about overall blogging and maintaining consistency.  Although, I'm not a person that follows trends, I will say that sometimes there are specific formulas you have to follow in order to produce desired results.  


So to bring the idea home and apply it to my blogging woes - the formula is to blog, blog, blog and blog some more, even if there isn't much traffic or popularity initially.  With consistency, your hard work will always fall into the laps of "the lords", and your overall body of work will be able to tell your authentic story better than any bio or media kit could.  


With my newfound confidence in my pace and progress, I still can't promise four post a week; however, I will attempt to be on a more consistent schedule getting out content. 

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Snapshots: Life's Great


Not really an accessory girl, but how can you resist these beautiful cateye green sunglasses.  They are super fun and trendy, and I figured I needed to get on board with what's in season.  Hope you love them just as much as I do. 


Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Me

Hey guys, in this blog post I've included a Valentine's Day gift guide that actually includes things I would love to receive from own boyfriend.  So many times, websites and bloggers (influencers) do gift guides that aren't things they want (nor, necessarily like), they simply create these guides offering ideas to their readers.  Although my post has a different spin, I think those guides can be helpful as well.  However, over here on SOSNU, I don't want to leave myself out.  This gift guide is actually a compilation of my wishlists from several online sites, which include pieces that I am currently coveting.  So if any of you know me and Howard, please direct him to this post.  I have a feeling he needs a little help this year :)