Something Old, Something New

Bright Whites - Pleated Maxi skirt

Summer days are surely upon us, and that simply means it's time for bright whites.  I could wear white all year round...correction, I do wear white the entire year, but for the folks that don't - the time has come.


I bought this skirt for an editorial shoot I did a few weeks ago, and I knew then that I would be keeping it for myself.  Not only did the skirt fit my brief perfectly, but I thrifted it for only $1.00.  I started to think of the countless ways one could wear a maxi length, pleated skirt, and trust me guys there are limitless ways.  I styled it here with a structured tweed top I bought from H&M, and a simple pair of lilac slingback flats,.  I wanted to keep things clean and quite simple, especially since the temperature on this particular day was rounding 80 degrees.


Oh and I added my favorite sunnies, and a vintage pair of geometric shaped gold earrings, and my look is complete.  Catch you guys in my next post.  Until then pop your head in a thrift store, and pick up something old, to pair with your something new.


Anti-Straw/Wicker Summer Handbags - Semi Annual Sales

This week I compiled a few of my favorite summer handbags.  If you weren't aware alot of the major stores and retailers are having there mid year sale.  This massive clear out is a huge bonus for those of us who are barely scrapping by to fund our shopping habits. 

However, I mainly wanted to do this specific list of handbags for those of us that aren't keen to straw bags or wicker style handbags.  I just don't think they are very practical unless on the beach, and even then I much prefer a tote.  So here are a few options:


The Gloom Invoked The Mood

Back again in the Girbauds.  Yes I am answering my "man repeller" calling.  They may be fugly to you, but these jeans are growing on me guys so don't point and laugh if you see me in them around town.  And I am discovering they are quite versatile. 


This time I took a few shots in the studio.  I remember this day was pretty gloomy so there wasn't much natural sunlight coming in, and it was the end of a long day for you can probably tell from my face.  Thankfully Howard made me take these pics of my outfit that day because I love them all.  Editing was pretty hard this week, so yep I have 9 pics featured.  Hope you guys enjoy them.  I feel another style evolution happening.  I am comfortable with that.


Joseph Nogucci Bracelets

Hey guys, I've added a little something new to my wonderful collection of Joseph Nogucci bracelets.  These beaded bracelets are so luxe, I am just honored to be working with them again.  This time they actually want to make sure you get on fun by offering you a FREE BRACELET

I chose a Matte Black Stone bracelet called Tenacity.  The stones are Mala yoga beads that promotes Power, Growth, and Joy. 

The Yoga Mala Stone Rudraksha bracelets are hand-crafted on an elastic cord from semi-precious and artisanal stone beads as well as organic rudraksha seeds. Each bracelet is accented with a gold finished Laurelian steel signature Joseph Nogucci tag, and comes with a free suede polishing gift pouch.

Follow link here to choose your very own bracelet for FREE, all you have to do is simply pay shipping cost.

Something Old, Something Older featuring vintage blouse and Girbauds

Hiya!!! Back to feature this beautiful vintage embellished blouse.  Lucky for me at this point, all of my family, extended family and friends know I am the thrift/vintage fashion girl, so whenever someone comes across something remotely vintage looking they grab it for me.  I actually received this beauty a few weeks ago from my cousin's mother in law...random right?? 


Initially I wanted to only take pictures of the blouse to post on my shop page, but when my boyfriend brought in an authentic pair of Girbauds (that he wore during high school), I couldn't resist.  I had to try them on at that moment, and when I looked down at my outfit, the contrast of everything just kind of worked.  So this post could actually be called Something Old, Something Older.  


outfit details -  shirt: vintage (here); jeans: Girbauds (here)