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Something Old, Something New is the personal style blog of Tookie Too.  The blog is where she showcases her personal style, and affinity for mixing thrifted, vintage inspired clothing with modern, trendy pieces.

Curating the Red Carpet - SAG Awards 2015

Awards night is always fun for stylist and fans of fashion, but especially for the stylists of the world.  Our minds think, "ok that's what the Hollywood scarlet wore... but would we have dressed them any differently if the opportunity to dress them presented itself?"  It is a goal of mine to dress stars for the red carpet, so I look at red carpets pictures a little more purposefully than others. 

However in the post I wanted to compile my SAG Awards best and worst dressed, as well as a few honorable mentions.  Starting off with my Best Dressed picks.

Sadly, I didn't have much difficult picking Worst Dressed candidates.  I really wasn't a fan of the dark, heavy fabrics this year.  I noticed a lot of suedes, leathers and gem tones that weren't flattering at all.

...And because I'm such a fan of the show I had to spotlight a few of the OITNB cast members as honorable mentions.   Some of their looks were hits and misses for me, but I didn't just want to throw them on my Worst Looks list.

Steal or Splurge - Fringe Mules

When I see comparisons such as this I am eternally grateful for retailer - Zara.  The company is the largest retailer in the world with a "fast fashion" business model that is merely marveled after.  Zara provides amazing clothing and accessories that's always on trend, and priced affordable for all.

Pictured above are two very similar pair of black leather open toe, fringe mules.  However, they are priced way different.  So I wanted to pose the question: would you splurge spending an extra thousand dollars for the Proenza Schouler mules or would you settle for the pair from Zara saving tons of money??  I'm sure many of you recognize the Zara pair from previous post on the blog because I am the proud owner of the budget friendly Zara mules.


Hey guys, I am blogging from the warmest spot in the center of my bed because its freezing everywhere else in the house.  The temps are frigid, and so is my wardrobe as of late.  No fun, and frills from this old lady.  My style aesthetic has been all about warmth and sensibility.  Which brings us to the term "norm-core". 


I posted a picture on Instagram a few weeks ago and someone liked my pic as well as added (hastag) #normcore.  I had never heard of this word so I didn't know whether to be offended or flattered by the tag.  After doing a little research I discovered that normcore is word that is a combination of "normal" and "hardcore".  This is a new fashion trend that is all about wearing extreme basics and being minimalistic in your style of dress.  I hadn't really noticed, but I had been donning nothing more than black, white and/ or grey all of which was from my boyfriend's closet.  And just like that (without even knowing), I had mastered the art of normcore

Although I am sure that once the weather breaks I will be back in fun prints and embellishments; however, right now I am really enjoying normcore.


Get Sporty

These fun colored sneaks are by far my favorite recent purchase.  They are super cute, comfy and I scored them at a really awesome price (high fives all around).  Being that I'm getting a little older I can not don my signature 6" stilettos as often anymore so my style has taken a sharp turn down comfort lane.

                                                          outfit deets: shirt: Forever 21; skirt: Topshop; shoes: Nike

                                                          outfit deets: shirt: Forever 21; skirt: Topshop; shoes: Nike


Lastly those in search of last minute gift ideas and sales, plus enjoy these coupon codes and links from some of my favorite retailers. 

Saks Fifth Avenue FREESHIP; French Connection FC30XS & W14SHIP; Rent The Runway HAPPY2015; Old Navy PRANCER; Gap WRAP; BeBe CELEBRATE